Golden Gate Goat, San Francisco, Monday 11/9/2009

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The Bay Bridge situation stymied our plans for an on-time start. Leaving my house in Oakland at 7:05, we arrived 9:00 at Golden Gate Park, in time to greet the friendly faces who had showed up from Connecticut, Boston, wherever Sharon Crawford lives, Washington, and Vancouver. And then I had to put the flags out for the supposed 9:00 mass start.

After the somewhat complicated set of instructions, we posed for a picture. And then I had to go off to Stanford after I filmed the mass start.

Participants could skip any control except the one in the butterfly, the course began with a fork (choose 1a or 1b,) and there was a window of 7 controls you could take in any order.

One of the park visitors yanked a flag in front of one of the participants and demanded a permit. He eventually put it back down. A gardener raked over another one. Golden Gate Park is a busy place.

The course was slightly changed and measured 5.6 km with 20 checkpoints.

Results - one skip

1. Magnus Johansson 34:01
2. Rick Breseman 45:21 (skipped 17)
3. Dean Sturtevant 45:48 (skipped 1)
4. Sharon Crawford 51:10 (skipped D)
5. Siobhan Fleming 52:49 (skipped 17)
6. Eileen Breseman 60:08 (skipped E)

Results - two skips

1. Ashley Mossa 47:49 (skipped D, E)