The Golden Gate Getaway, November 7th through November 15th, 2009

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We experienced a wonderful 9 days of orienteering in some of the finest venues the Bay Area has to offer. Thanks to the Bay Area Orienteering Club, Get Lost!!, and all the special individuals who contributed to this thrilling week. And let us also be thankful for the excellent weather!

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3. Results and Writeup for BAOC's O-in-the-Oaks '09 A-meet are available
4. Results and Writeup and Maps (via RouteGadget) for the North American Sprint Series Finals are available here on this web page and on the
BAOC page.
5. See the Sprint Finals
discussion threads on Attackpoint, especially the postmortem.

Results - North American Sprint Series Finals

Pt. Bonita had limited corridors for running and mostly a simple map, but the pockets of detailed army installations interrupted the otherwise smooth navigation. Most who came for the Saturday and Sunday tournament also checked out Pt. Bonita. The fierce winds also cleared the air to provide more spectacular scenery than usual. The prologue results were used to adjust the seeding for the sprint tournament, and Vladimir had the initial groupings posted by midnight to Attackpoint.

The first San Francisco State race on Saturday immediately divided the groups of four into a forked butterfly section on controls 2 through 7. The second race featured the longest route choice from control 1 to 2 - some smart people made a large L, running to the north part of the map and turning left down the road to avoid running any stairs.

The game changed Saturday afternoon at McLaren Park - a very detailed forest / city park map with all manners of vegetation. We didn't have to deal too much with the dogs, but the infamous fence stood in our way on a few of the legs. The hills provided a physical challenge.

Saturday morning brought us to the final at McLaren. The leaders were the first to go out and test the course, followed by all the other groups. Alexei's course took advantage of the riches of McLaren and rewarded the orienteers with better route choices. Physical fitness helped as well, as the hills didn't melt away overnight.

Complete results for each stage with links to "Winsplits" are available at the BAOC page;
you can also draw and view routes for each stage at
BAOC's RouteGadget page.


Women's Masters

Clare Durand

Barbara Robben

Jennifer Kerr*

Women's Open

Cristina Luis

Andrea Balakova

Lauren Knight

Junior Women (White course)

Johanna Karras

Talia Peterson

Amanda Radtke

Men's Masters

Tapio Karras

Bill Pullman

Steve Gregg

Men's Open

Gabriel Lombriser

Jonas Kjall

Jarkko Laine

Junior Men (White course)

William Morris

Gavin Williams

David Harrison

*Jennifer Kerr was the only finals participant who stayed in the "Short" category.

Standings after the final race, Long course:
1. Gabriel Lombriser, OLG
2. Jonas Kjall, BAOC
3. Jarkko Laine, TP
4. Mike Smith, Falcons (DNS Final)
5. Jon Torrance, OOC
6. Magnus Johansson, GVOC
7. Eric Bone, COC
8. Ben Legg, BAOC
9. Mikkel Conradi, BAOC
10. Tapio Karras, BAOC
11. Bill Pullman, NEOC
12. Clem McGrath, DVOA
13. Will Critchley, EEOC
14. Patrick Nuss, OK
15. Cristina Luis, TSN
16. Steve Gregg, BAOC
17. Andrea Balakova, GVOC
18. Dean Sturtevant, NEOC
19. Dennis Wildfogel, BAOC (DNS Final)
20. Bruce Wolfe, BAOC (DNS Final)
21. Bob Cooley, BAOC
22. Gavin Wyatt-Mair, BAOC
23. Lauren Knight, BAOC
24. Jonathan Hallsted, COOL (DNS Final)
25. Clare Durand, LAOC
26. Alex Kerr, GVOC
27. David Von Holder
28. Bronwyn Caplinger, BAOC
29. Melissa Trout, TSN
30. Barbara Robben, BAOC

Standings after the final race, White course:
1. William Morris, COOL 8:45
2. Gavin Williams COOL 8:55
3. David Harrison COOL 9:00
4. Johanna Karras COOL 10:39
5. Talia Peterson COOL 10:55
5. Amanda Radtke COOL 10:55
7. Kaisa Lee COOL 18:38
8. David Williams COOL 21:03
9. Emily Hann COOL 21:47

Staff - Training and Sprint Finals

See the BAOC event page for O in the Oaks '09 A-meet staffing information.

Committee - Jeff Lanam, George Minarik, Alex Finch, Nick Corsano, Steve Beuerman
Registration - Marsha Jacobs
Primary Event Directors - Vladimir Gusiatnikov (Get Lost!!), Rex Winterbottom (Get Lost!! and terraloco)
Primary Course Setters - Alexei Azarov, Vladimir Gusiatnikov, Rex Winterbottom
Sprint Series coordinators - Cristina Luis, Kris Beecroft
Guest Trainers and Course Setters - Eric Bone (
Meridian Geographics), Ben Legg, Magnus Johansson, Jonas Kjall, Dennis Wilkinson
Vetters - George Minarik
Permitting - Brett Carter, Ben Legg
Postcard Design -
Benjamin Chan
Poster Print Design and Awards -
Benjamin Chan