Map Navigation Training, San Francisco streets, Wednesday 5/20/2009

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Event Report - Wednesday, 5/20

Many routes were taken! Mikkel Conradi was the top time on the long: 54:06. RouteGadget is available - enter your route, even if you didn't attend! How would you have run it?

Event Update - Monday, 5/18

Route-choice-a-roni is the San Francisco treat! Long legs give you something to prove on a fairly discrete street map. However, there are some interesting "off road" areas you will be using as well. And the views and vibe in Glen Canyon and up around Twin Peaks are something else - I had a lot of fun scoping this course out.

Here are the course statistics:

Long 7.3 km, 4 controls, 250 m climb
Medium 5.9 km, 3 controls, 190 m climb

I had planned on a 5 control course with about 8.9 km of length, but the construction between Mt. Sutro and UCSF really put a wrench in it. I was surprised to find many surprises on the map, so I had to make a number of tweaks to the course - every control location except for the one nearest the start/finish spot.

The 1:15000, 20 foot contour map is far from crystalline in its clarity, and the updates needed are significant. Streets are reliable, and fairly major features are too. Trails can be off a bit, especially in Glen Canyon, but they're definitely worth using. You'll need to use your general map sense and not rely on a limited subset of your skills. For training, this is probably better practice for you.

Gearing up: I'll provide map cases - the fog was misting and dripping... it could happen again. It gets quite windy on the west side of the peaks too. Great running conditions though. Running shoes are fine - going off trail isn't too necessary or advantageous except maybe to cut a corner here or there. Some of the trails are a bit overgrown, meaning that my legs were itchy from the grass and stuff because I wore shorts. You might prefer pants. If I were to do this again, I'd be on the fence with that decision!

I'm using street signs for the clues, except for a large boulder feature, to which you will ascribe a height.

Time: I spent precisely 92 minutes on the map, checking out the original 8.9 km worth of stuff, and stopping and evaluating things... I would expect a runner in decent shape to finish the "Long" course in a bit less than an hour.

Original Announcement

Hone your route choice skills on a long-legged ~5 or ~8 km street course in the middle of San Francisco on BAOC's "Twin Peaks" map. While hills are de rigeur, going up and over Twin Peaks itself is not expected; there are plenty of curvy streets, staircases, and parks to explore surrounding it, and the map covers a large area at its 1:15000 scale. Event cost is $5. Get ready for MerGeo's San Francisco Night and Day event on June 6.

We'll meet at La Corneta Taqueria on Diamond St., very close to public transit like the Glen Park BART station. Get started from 6:00 to 7:00; and enjoy socializing, food, and drink at the taqueria afterwards if you like.


La Corneta is located at 2834 Diamond St.

From Interstate 280 coming from Highway 101, take the Monterey Ave. exit. Turn right onto Monterey at the light at the end of the off ramp, then turn left onto Diamond, passing the Glen Park BART station. Cross Bosworth and find parking.

From Interstate 280 coming from Highway 380, take the San Jose Ave. exit, then follow the signs on the right for Bosworth Ave. Turn right on Rousseau St., right onto Bosworth St., and then right onto Diamond St. and find parking.

Public Transit:

From the Glen Park BART station, go to the corner of Diamond and Bosworth and cross Bosworth... the 44 O'Shaughnessy SF Muni bus from Golden Gate Park also stops at Diamond and Bosworth. The SF Muni J Church train station stop is on San Jose Ave., and a short walk to Glen Park BART.

Event Contact: Rex, 5 1 0 - 6 8 1 - 6 1 8 1,