terraloco training @ Morgan Territory 11/30/2008

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Morgan Territory jutted above the fog today; it was sparkling up there. Perfect, crisp weather to get out on a map; many of the participants paused at times to take in the expansive scenery from the perspective on the west side of the road. For me, it was nice to be there the whole day, beginning to end, with a constant stream of vistas.

Nancy remarked that hardly anyone was out there today - we had that portion of the park pretty much to ourselves. She thinks she saw a mountain lion - we couldn't come up with any other possibility.

7 participants sparsely dotted the hillsides today, and from what I heard, had fulfilling training experiences. Most started with the Route Contour course, which gave probably the most challenge right off the bat, followed by the change of pace of the Route 2 course with longer legs. Finally, the Quick course featured short legs and quick decision making. Most opted to hike the road back to the registration area rather than finish off the Trail 2 course and do Trail 1 course in reverse.

Thank You

Jim Fish - control checkpoint placement #1-4 on Trail Course 1, pickup of Quick course
Sean Campbell - control checkpoint pick of Trail Course 1
Nancy Lindeman - holding down the fort for a few minutes, chaffeuring control pickeruppers