Wild Turkey Chase @ Middle Harbor Shoreline Park 11/27/2008

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We're on a great weather streak here... scattered all over this open, fun-filled park today were dozens of bags. It could be tricky to know which one you're supposed to get with so many out there! But everybody seemed to figure it out okay.

For the Wild Turkey Chase, they scattered in all directions, but all eventually came back to the same place after doing 4 different loops in 6 potential orders - everybody shared the same last loop.

Some people quit after getting regular Bingo (5 across, down, or diagonal on the punch card), some managed to get Super Bingo (all 24 checkpoints), and some tried for both. I'm missing a few punch cards, and some punch cards are missing names, so sorry about the incomplete results. Also sorry about not putting a sticker on the water fountain checkpoint.

Awards were given out, then everybody seemed to have some place to go. Family and stuff. Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for a fun event.

Thank You

Mom, Dad, and my Sister Anne: for helping out with everything!

Control pickup: Jim Fish, Stephen Pepe, Jude Sapp
Finishes: Ben Legg, Dad, Anne
Setup: Jim Fish

Champions' Roll Call

Wild Turkey Chase, Junior Men: H.B.
Wild Turkey Chase, Junior Women: Jude + Sarah
Wild Turkey Chase, Men: Ben Legg
Wild Turkey Chase, Women: Nicole Putnam
Wild Turkey Chase, Senior Men: David Jorgenson
Wild Turkey Chase, Senior Women: Rosemary Johnson
Bingo: Stephen Pepe
Super Bingo: Nicole Putnam

Results - Wild Turkey Chase - 4 loops, 20 checkpoints, 2.7 km

1. Ben Legg 14:45
2. Bruce Wolfe 17:17
3. Stephen Pepe 18:12
4. Wayne Caplinger 19:07
5. Nicole Putnam 22:03
6. David Jorgenson 22:12
7. Jude Sapp 23:00
8. Jim Fish 24:50
9. H.B. and M.B. 26:07
10. Steve Beuerman 28:34
11. Sarah Stepanyan 28:51
12. Rosemary Johnson 28:56

Results - Bingo - get any 5 across, down, diagonal

1. Stephen Pepe 7:36
2. Jim Fish 8:39
3. Bruce Wolfe 9:21
4. Sarah Stepanyan 12:27
5. Wayne Caplinger 13:55
6. Jude Sapp 15:55

Results - Super Bingo - 24 checkpoints, 1.9 km

1. Nicole Putnam 16:10
2. H.B. and M.B. 18:44
3. Steve Beuerman 19:40
4. Wayne Caplinger 20:28
5. Jim Fish 21:01