terraloco training @ Bishop Ranch 11/01/2008

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I think orienteering keeps you young! All the adults who showed up in the mix of rain, showers, and cloudiness seemed to enjoy getting soaked while navigating around. It helps when the rain isn't cold, of course. Mikkel finished the session unscathed. I'd say it was more interesting for the folks out after this time when it started to rain - the weather got mixed up a bit. Nancy noted the winds gusted more fiercely over the ridgetop. By the time Donata and Gulnur returned with their dog, it was pouring pretty badly!

A compact venue, Bishop Ranch sported what was advertised: runnability. All of the 8 participants opted to do the Route, Contour, and Downhill combo for about 4.0 km of navigating with about 1.0 km of taxiing between starts and finishes. Some did the tour in roughly an hour, others took it at a more leisurely pace. All had stories to tell upon returning, and I appreciated hearing them. Although easier physically than the Briones edition 3 weeks ago, the Contour course again proved challenging. Ben was expecting the mapped "cliffs" to be more imposing - I suppose I did take some mapping liberties - when there's hardly a rock in the whole park, I got excited about these tiny cliffs.

Given the 40 foot contours, and a time limit to map the area used for the training, I aimed to make the map reliable for a training exercise. It's not feature rich, but there are features on the map; the area has a paucity of point features anyway - at least compared to other orienteering maps, like Las Trampas just up the road a few miles. Donato and Gulnur used compass bearings frequently given the lack of detail in some of the areas.

Thanks to everybody for showing up in this weather! Maybe this map will see some more use for rough-navigation training in the future.

If you couldn't attend and would like to buy maps and try the courses at your own convenience, contact me at rex@terraloco.com. All courses except the Trail course are streamered at each control checkpoint location. These will be removed no sooner than Nov. 30th. Cost is $5 per map (tax and shipping included,) $3 for juniors.