terraloco training @ Briones 10/11/2008

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Rex Marina, Joe, Anne Rosemary

The winds kept the weather cool, but the sun was shining bright. 17 participants made their way out to Briones and made their own training programs. Some really made it a choose-your-own-adventure, picking apart the courses to make their own itineraries. And I think that's great. Also, a few got bogged down with the Contour course, which proved to be hard for most who tried it. I think it would have been more fortunate if the Contour course were the last in the chain of courses around the map - having the hardest challenge first can be daunting.

I received good reports and constructive suggestions. I will work on providing clearer options for intermediate-level navigators. I'd also like to make sure I have a good planning discussion with all participants before they set out, to help them best plan their session according to their past experience and current training needs.

Thanks to Johanna Merriss for providing some impromptu beginner's clinics. She also did all four courses, visiting everything marked on the map.

If you couldn't attend and would like to buy maps and try the courses at your own convenience, contact me at rex@terraloco.com. All courses except for the Trail course are streamered at each control checkpoint location. These will be removed no sooner than Oct. 31st. Cost is $5 per map (tax and shipping included,) $3 for juniors. If you plan to do the Partner course with somebody, I have copies of each map available. Included in the cost, the Bay Area Orienteering Club receives a licensing fee for all the maps with these training courses.