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business cardAbout terraloco

What it is

terraloco is a small business managed by Rex Winterbottom dedicated to providing enjoyable urban and wild map adventure treks!

If you like to take an easy hike or go for a vigorous bike, terraloco can provide you with fun and challenging courses on interesting maps.

See the schedule page to find information about public events and the services page for information regarding small group outings, consulting, training, and mapmaking.


Rex started terraloco in June 2008. With years of experience volunteering, directing events, and setting courses with the Bay Area Orienteering Club, Rex was inspired to create some new and different formats of map sport activities. After making a few maps and putting on events in local parks in 2008 and 2009, terraloco created the Urban Wild Roundup format in 2010 to offer fun long distance map treks in city and park spaces. Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, Albany, and Richmond saw the first seven "Urban Wild Roundup" events with courses from 5 km to 30 km in length. All the while, terraloco has provided small, fun, informal training sessions, mainly on summer weekday evenings. A special highlight was producing the 9 day Golden Gate Getaway series of events with BAOC and Get Lost!! in November 2009, culminating in the 2009 North American sprint finals, featuring U.S. and Canadian orienteering team members and international participants from Finland, Switzerland, and Sweden.


Rex About Rex

I am originally from Dearborn, Michigan. Besides being fascinated with maps from an early age, I enjoy being creative and working with people. In my 12 years of teaching, I've worked with all ages of students - from Kindergartners to high school seniors. My hobbies include being a dj and playing ultimate frisbee.

Email List: To subscribe and receive news and announcements, email rex@terraloco.com


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